ETIAS Visa Waiver for Liechtenstein

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At the end of 2022, non-European visitors will need to obtain the European Travel Information and Authorization System before entering the Schengen areas. There are 26 ETIAS countries under the Schengen system, including Liechtenstein. The ETIAS visa aims to have a substantial record of the number of people visiting the countries and improve the security levels. However, tourists would not need to worry too much about this because you can quickly obtain the ETIAS by applying online in less than ten minutes.

Liechtenstein Visa and Entry Requirements

You need to prepare the following information while filling out your ETIAS application form.
Travel plans: You should select Liechtenstein as your destination and then state why you travel to the country. This section will determine if you travel or not, which will also influence the response from the embassy officer.
Personal information: Your personal information should be accurate, and if any form of deceit is identified, it may terminate your visa. This space also includes your occupation information. You will put down details about your date of birth, last and first names, gender, place of birth, and marital status. You also need to provide the correct, current address, which should correlate with your residence status.
Previous Schengen visa: Here, you will be requested to provide your biometric visa number. The number is present on your Visa card, the last three digits of the nine digits number. Yes, this applies to people who have the Schengen visa already. However, if you do not have a previous visa, you must submit a biometric.
Stay details: This is your returning and visiting date. Your stay details include all the information about your visit. However, you need to be explicit in your information as it increases the chances of getting your visa approved.
Contacts: You need to provide the contacts of the Liechtenstein residents hosting you. Sustaining yourself in Liechtenstein is expensive for some foreign countries, so that the embassy would ensure no cause for trouble.
You can print out the form after successfully filling out your information online and confirming they are correct. After this, you will be invited for an interview at the embassy. Once you pass the interview and your application is accepted, the embassy will send you a mail indicating the date to collect your visa.

Who Needs a Schengen Visa to Enter Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein shares a border with Switzerland and Austria, making it easy to move into these countries and vice versa. However, if you are non-Europe and your government has not formed an alliance regarding the ETIAS visa, you will need to get a Schengen visa.
Below are some countries' citizens who need a visa before entering Liechtenstein:
Ghana, Bhutan, South Sudan, Ecuador, North Korea, Fiji, Yemen, Dominican Republic, Côte D'Ivoire, Libya, etc.
Below are countries that need an airport transit visa before entering Liechtenstein:
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, and Sri Lanka.

What Documents Are Required when Applying for a Liechtenstein Schengen Visa?

The medical requirements for visiting Liechtenstein vary between visit and purpose. Your response will determine the need for health insurance. However, the purpose of having health insurance is for the traveller's sake. This ensures the health situations of travel are secured, provided an incident surface in the country. More so, the health insurance must reach a minimum of €30,000.
Apart from the medical insurance, other documents you need to take with you while going to the embassy include:
  • A correctly filled application form
  • A cover letter stating the reason for visiting the country
  • A valid passport
  • Two identical passport photographs
  • Flight itinerary
When you go for the visa interview at the embassy, expect the following common questions:
  • 1. Who is paying for your travelling process?
  • 2. What level of education have you attained?
  • 3. Do you currently work for a company? If yes, what is the name?
  • 4. How long do you plan to stay in Liechtenstein?
  • 5. Have you settled your accommodation?
  • 6. Are you married?
  • 7. Are you going alone or with any family member?
  • 8. Do you have any friends or family members in Liechtenstein?
Once you have an approved visa, take your time to study the label attached to it. If you violate any of the rules or overstay in the country, you may have to bear the consequences.

Traveling to Liechtenstein

If you are a traveller trying to locate beautiful natural landscapes, Liechtenstein is one of the best options you could consider. The country is undoubtedly tiny but has intricate castles and cathedrals, historical landmarks, and museums. Fortunately, you can also visit neighbouring countries when you enter Liechtenstein with the required visa procedures. You can apply for a visa in any of the following locations.
  • Liechtenstein embassy
  • One of their consulates
  • A visa centre that Liechtenstein has outsourced as a submission centre
  • Liechtenstein has verified the embassy or consulate of any Schengen area to accept embassy applications.
You should apply for a visa in the embassy, where you will be spending most of your days. However, if you spend equal days visiting countries, apply for a visa in the country you will be visiting first. You need to understand that different rules apply to the application centre if you visit two or more Schengen places.

Europe's Travel Authorization for Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is not a member of the European Union yet, but it belongs to the Council of Europe, European Free Trade Association, and The United Nations. Hence, the same rules that apply to the Schengen areas apply to Liechtenstein, especially since it is part of the European Economic Area. The ETIAS visa is similar to the ESTA visa implemented in the United States. The ETIAS will give other countries that cannot visit the ETIAS Schengen areas without visas.
In conclusion, you should make sure to apply for a visa at the appropriate time; while some embassies will allow you to book an appointment online, others will only allow you to book an appointment in person. Also, some visas are rejected due to one reason or the other. The reason for the denial will be highlighted to you; make sure to read it to avoid future mistakes. More so, if your country of residence does not have a Liechtenstein visa or its consulate, you can visit a neighbouring country to further your visa application.