ETIAS Europe: Visa Waiver for EU Visitors

All of the information and requirements about European Travel Information and Authorization System. A comprehensive guide to what the ETIAS is, how it works and who requires ETIAS.

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What is ETIAS?

ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) has been created by the European Union as a process to help protect European borders. It is a visa waiver program that comes into effect by the end of 2022. From this date, visitors traveling to any of the Schengen Area countries that currently don’t require a visa, will be required to apply for an ETIAS. The ETIAS provides travel authorization for business and tourism purposes only and is not for working or studying in an ETIAS country.

When Does ETIAS Launch?

The launch of ETIAS is currently scheduled for the end of 2022 but will probably not be mandatory until 2023. The launch was originally scheduled for 2021 but European authorities have pushed the date back to allow more preparation for setting the system up.

Countries That Require ETIAS For Europe

There are currently 60 countries listed as requiring an ETIAS if they wish to travel to any of the 26 countries in the Schengen Zone. This is the initial agreed set of members for the visa waiver program, although other countries are likely to be added to the list in the future. Citizens of countries that are currently able to visit areas of Europe without a visa will require an ETIAS.

When Does EU ETIAS Become Obligatory?

The date has been moved back since it was originally announced it would come into effect in 2021. It is now expected to become obligatory at the end of 2022 or early in 2023, in the latest update from the European Commission. We will update our information as soon as there is definite confirmation of dates and any other information release that is related to the new ETIAS system.


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