Norway Opens Visa Sponsorship Jobs

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Norway has announced that skilled workers can now submit a visa application for certain in-demand jobs. This will allow independent contractors, seasonal workers and skilled professionals to work and live in Norway. To qualify for the visa, the applicant must receive a job offer from a Norwegian company and must meet the requirements in terms of skills and qualifications that determine them to be skilled worker.
This decision comes after this country has already introduced a Norway digital nomad visa for remote workers. With this visa program, non-EU remote workers can also live and work in Norway, under certain conditions.
There are many benefits to living in Norway, including low crime, no overcrowding and English is widely spoken, making the transition of moving to a new country much easier for people who are fluent in English. Norway is a very scenic country with good average pay and a strong economy, so there are many people who will be able to benefit from the opportunity to live and work in the country.

What Are the Requirements for a Visa Sponsorship Job?

As well as having a job offer from a Norwegian company, skilled workers must be filling a role that is listed under the accepted job sectors, which are:
  • IT and communications
  • Engineering
  • Developer
  • Legal
  • Tourism
  • Oil and gas
  • Teaching
  • Seafood
  • Hotel
The job offer will need to be full-time and the applicant must meet the skilled worker criteria which include one of the following:
  • Completed a vocational training programme for at least three years at upper secondary school level, which must have a corresponding programme in Norway.
  • Completed a degree.
  • Special qualifications acquired through long-term professional experience, usually in combination with courses or another form of education.
Visas are also available for applicants who are athletes or coaches, with a different set of criteria.

How to Apply for Norway Visa Sponsorship

  • 1. The first step of the process is to apply for and be offered a role under the listed sectors for in-demand workers.
  • 2. You will need to submit your visa application through the Norwegian embassy in your country.
  • 3. You should complete a visiting visa application, stating on the form that an entrance visa (D) is required.
  • 4. Complete all of the paperwork on the checklist for skilled workers.
There are good job opportunities in Norway and with salaries being higher than many other European countries, applying for a job in Norway can be very beneficial. Norway is a safe country too, with a low crime rates even in the major cities. The education and healthcare systems in Norway are also very good, so this new visa sponsorship job scheme should open up some great opportunities for foreign nationals.
Written by: Fikayomi Abisola
Abisola is an ETIAS Travel and Immigration writer with several years of writing experience in the industry. Abisola has a unique enthusiasm for travels, tours, and tourism and loves to educate travellers about the criteria involved in international travelling.

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