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Greece is a beautiful place. It harmonizes the past with all of its historical sites with the technology of the modern age and makes it a sight to behold. The landscape in Greece looks like the ancient Greek gods themselves manicured them. The experience on the Greek Islands is blissful to the residents and its visitors. American citizens love to visit the Greek islands and have fun.
There are over 2000 islands in Greece, with only about 200 inhabited. These Greek islands are placed in six groups which are the Sporades Islands, the Saronic islands, Crete, the Northern Aegean islands, the Dodecanese, and the Cyclades. Americans love to visit these islands for their beauty and, most notably, for their groovy nightlife. These islands are known worldwide for their parties and great nightlife. The experiences of the nightlife on these islands are second to none. They have some of the best clubs and DJs that seldom close, allowing participants to party like there’s no tomorrow. Here are 15 of the most visited party islands in Greece by Americans in no particular order.


The island of Santorini comes to mind when you speak of peace and tranquility. It is a dream location to enjoy nature, majestic sites, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear water. Do not let the peace and tranquility fool you; Santorini can become very loud when the party begins. Some of the very best DJs worldwide come around to the island to ensure its visitors have the best experiences on the island.
The nights are packed with eclectic clubs, soul, and beach bars. Some locations on the island also offer a private partying experience. There are also many more afterparties that start after midnight on the island.
Americans on vacation love to explore their favorite drinks and music at the night parties on the island. Santorini island and its vibrant parties are an absolute must-visit for every American in Greece.


Mykonos is a blissful island, and depending on who you ask, it may either be a grand relaxation island or a great party island. Although the island is known for partying and nightclubs, it is strange to see drunk people stumble out of the clubs or loud and blasting music from clubs next door. Mykonos is a great vacation spot with historical preserves like Windmills and Windmill Hills. Art, museums, and great music are widely available around Mykonos for those who see it as an island for rest. Clubs and bars are scattered all around the island, which gives it a vibrant nightlife. It is a common occurrence to brush shoulders against celebrities on this island. Although the best nightlife experience is obtained during the summer months, tourists visit all year round. Many visitors from America and worldwide start their exploration from Mykonos because it has direct flights to major other parts of the world.


Crete is the largest of all Greek islands, and it is no surprise that they have the most significant number of night parties in Greece and the whole of Europe. Crete is home to some of the biggest parties in all of Europe. There are full moon parties, paint parties, boat parties, and full-blown nightclubs around Crete. Most night parties in Crete start at 6 pm and are ridden till morning; however, ensure to check out the closing time of each bar before walking into any party in the evening. Some islands in Crete even have 24-hour bars that allow visitors to party as long and as hard as they want.
Crete has a coastline of about 650 miles, or 1046 kilometers, and about 40 islands. Americans love to visit Crete, and they love to party hard. When Americans visit Europe, they do not hesitate to enjoy the nightlife Crete offers.


There is always something fun to do in Paros. It is fun, beautiful, lively, and constantly changing. There are bars scattered all around the island that constantly feeds its visitors with great music. New things always come up on the island, making it one of the most fun islands to visit, especially for adventure-loving Americans.
The nightlife in Paros allows you to choose from a myriad of nightclubs and parties to attend, so much that you may find it hard to choose. Once the sun is down, the nightlife begins in many nightclubs on the island. It is a major island for university students, and they are seen to swarm the island to party the summer away.


Kos island never has downtime, and it is home to some of the best night parties on the Dodecanese Island group. The beach takes a whole new turn every summer, providing beach parties hosted by some great DJs. There are clubs and bars all around the island. They are so many that you can have a new bar to visit every night throughout your stay on the island. The highlight of the nightlife on the island stems from two main streets - Nafklirou and Diakon. To enjoy the parties on this island, Americans and other visitors can arrive by air, as it has an airport that connects to other parts of Greece. Kos can also be accessed on water from Kalymnos, Rhodes, Leros, Athens, and Patmos.


Corfu is a fun island to be on, and Americans can’t help but flood the island year on year. The island has a great expanse of coastline that stretches for miles. The nightlife and partying on this island are top-notch and very enjoyable. The island is one big party scene that Americans love and has boat cruises, pubs, and nightclubs open till morning. Some clubs have live bands performing on most nights, giving out awesome music everyone knows and can vibe with.


Like many other islands in Greece, Milos has nightclubs, pubs, and bars that give the best of nightlife to its visitors and locals. You can also hop onto party boats for partying experiences that are second to none. There is always something fun to do once the sunsets. The fun part is that other tourists love partying and the nightlife, giving the parties more vibe and the longing to party till day breaks. It is very common to meet other Americans on the island who also came to enjoy the nightlife in Milos.


Ios is a great party island with pubs, bars, and clubs that have music and partying going on all night. The sheer sight of other tourists partying will get you excited and make you want to join them on the island. Many Americans make their way down to the island to have the time of their lives partying. The island has a party type for everyone - the cool and calm and the loud and groovy ones. Of all the bars on the islands, Americans love to visit the Disco 69, Traffic Bar, Slammer Bar, FarOut Beach Club, Sweet Irish Dream, Scorpion Club, Flames bar, and The Bank the most.


Zakynthos island hosts parties for everyone but is more widespread among youngsters. It is the capital of wild and crazy parties in Greece, and Americans love it because there is no dull moment on the island. Before most clubs and bars are set for the night party experience, there is always something fun to do, such as exploring the ruined Venetian Argassi Bridge and the likes. Partying is on a whole new level at Laganas and Tsilivi on the island, where you can dance till your feet become sore. When you want to take your party to a whole new level, Zakynthos is the place to go.


Rhodes island is ancient and not as big as the others like Crete; however, this is its unique selling point. It is located in the Southern part of Greece and has very nice and classy nightclubs that can have you dancing and grooving all night. People come around to enjoy the bliss of groovy nightlife on the ancient island, home to over 100 disco nightclubs. Every personality will find what suits them on this island. Being an ancient island with many medieval sites, American visitors love to go for tours around the sites during the day and then party all night at any of its numerous clubs.


On Lesbos Island, Molivos and Molyvos are the most visited nightclubs present on the island. These nightclubs give Americans the nights of their lives as they party away from the early evening hours till the following day. Other party spots are scattered around the island; if you need a place to party, follow the crowd and see where they turn up. Boat cruises are also offered on this island, carrying tourists around while they party away the night.


Skiathos is located in the Western part of Greece and is one of the most overcrowded islands in Greece. American tourists find it very lively as they have great DJs and lots of fun music. If you need more than a nightclub to dance to, there are fantastic restaurants with great food that are very tasty. Many clubs are not open until midnight; however, what they lack in time, they make up for in experience.


Throughout Northern Greece, Khalkidhiki is regarded as the party center and welcomes thousands of Americans and other tourists every year. It has a great view of the beach, loud night parties, and enjoyable dancing and music. Of all the party spots on the island, Sidirokastro and Neoi Poroi are the most visited. Restaurants and cafes give a different experience from just dancing and drinking throughout the night.


Lefkada is a grand island in Greece and has its three main towns - Nidri, Lefkada, and Vasiliki. Nidri is more inclined towards house music and bars, while Vasiliki is more concerned with nightclubs. Whatever you need to have a great night’s party is available in Lefkada.


It is located in the Northern part of Greece and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Some great DJs play Greek folk music; if you are into that, then this is the island for you.
To wrap this up, Greek Islands are fun, and most of them have a very vibrant nightlife, which attracts many Americans and tourists from other parts of the world. Starting from 2023 an ETIAS visa waiver would be required for US citizens to travel to Greece to explore the beautiful sites of these Islands. This is because Greece is one of the Schengen countries and the US citizens would need to apply for visa before entering Europe or any other Schengen country.
Written by: Fikayomi Abisola
Abisola is an ETIAS Travel and Immigration writer with several years of writing experience in the industry. Abisola has a unique enthusiasm for travels, tours, and tourism and loves to educate travellers about the criteria involved in international travelling.

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