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Greece is well known for starting Western civilization and democracy. Rumor has it that the ancient Greek gods perfectly crafted their landmass and destinations to offer the best experience to humans. Beautifully carved landscapes, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and numerous ancient ruins are scattered all around the country and give its visitors and inhabitants an appeal to nature and the environment.
Greece is among the top-visited countries by American citizens in Europe, offering historical sites, cultural delights, stunning landscapes, and nightlife scenes. When Americans visit Greece, there are numerous and innumerable beautiful and inspiring sites. Every type of traveler can find their perfect getaway location, holiday, and activities in Greece.
As Americans planning your itinerary to Greece, there are places you must not miss out. Granted, the whole of Greece is scattered with beautiful sites that visitors may not cover in one trip; however, this list contains the most visited places in Greece by Americans in no particular order. Here are some of the best places Americans love to visit in Greece.


Thousands of Americans visit the Santorini Island every year and attest that there is nowhere else that gives the same experience. The island is beautiful and can only be believed after being experienced. Lovely and filling restaurants, whitewashed houses, breath-taking villages, volcanic beaches, and turquoise waters make it second to none in beauty and serenity.
Americans are not the only ones attracted to the island; the island is littered with tourists of various nationalities, races, and colors. One would think the presence of several tourists would make the experience less enjoyable, but this is very far from the truth. It is a real-time example of "the more, the merrier." The top-rated hotels in Santorini Americans love to stay in are Villa Valvis, Platia, and Fileria Suites.
While in Santorini, do not forget to watch the sunsets from Amoudi Bay, the blissful sailing experience at Santorini, the Santorini volcano, the ruins of Ancient Thera, Imerovigli, and the view Skaros rock offers. Visit museums, go on wine tours, and engage in beach sports to have a complete Santorini experience.


Nafplio was once the capital of Greece, and the locals are not weary of letting its visitors know. It is the go-to vacation spot for the rich and famous in Greece. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander, and as such, Americans also take time out to enjoy the bliss of Nafplio. Nafplio has relaxing beaches and satisfying restaurants that help Americans relax while on vacation. Nafplio is a romantic site in Greece; couples and families often have holidays together here. It has a large seaport containing numerous water vessels, including yachts worth millions.
By virtue of its location close to the sea, it is never lacking in various kinds of seafood. While you are in Nafplio, ensure to check out the Palamidi Fortress. Although there are at least 900 steps before getting to the peak, the view at the top is satisfying and worth the journey. The Bourtzi Fortress also has excellent views at its peak, which can be mistaken for the beauty Italy offers its visitors. To enjoy the full benefits Nafplio has to offer, ensure to go shopping and visit the museums.


Some of the best beaches in Greece are arguably present in Corfu. Corfu has white sandy beaches, rugged mountains, and picturesque villages and towns to offer its visitors. The island has many visitors visiting its border per time, culminating in thousands of tourists per year. Those who seek a more peaceful and quieter holiday can choose from the numerous beaches available in Corfu.
While at Corfu, ensure to check out the ancient relics of the old fort of Corfu, Sidari on Corfu Island, Achilleion. St. Spyridon Church, and Palaiokastritsa. Corfu is among the top 10 visited places in Greece by Americans, and it also stands among the top-rated locations in Greece.


Crete is the largest island in Greece and is also known to be a land with extraordinary contrasts. It has quiet villages and bustling cities. In the same vein, it has very contrasting landscapes - lush and vibrant vegetation, expansive coastlines, rocky terrains, and rolling mountains. Crete contains some of the oldest monuments and archeological sites in Greece, an excellent example of which is Knossos.
While at Crete, ensure you do not miss out on boating, museum tours, visits to monasteries, the white mountains, Samaria Gorge National Park, the wilderness of Spinalonga, wine tasting at Manousakis, and Lake Kournas.


The most photographed location in Greece is the Shipwreck Cove in Zakynthos. It has beautiful beaches, chief of which is the Navagio beach. The Navagio beach is the most visited place by Americans on the island. Navagio beach hosts the best night events available in Greece and has crystal clear waters. The island brings you close to Caretta Caretta - an endangered species of sea turtles and delicious dishes with locally sourced ingredients on the island.
The Zakynthos Marine Park is not to be missed on a visit to Zakynthos. Other must-see places include Paralia Porto Vromi, Laganas, and Gerakas Beach. On a visit to Zakynthos, Americans love to go scuba diving, Beach Hopping, and snorkeling. Zakynthos is a delight for Americans that love partying in the vibrant nightlife.


Athens is where the past meets the present. It is an ancient city where mythology meets with modernism. Ancient sites like the temple of Zeus and the Parthenon meet with modern subways, spotless freeways, and beautiful parks. Westernization and democracy rightly started in Athens.
Athens is one of the best places Americans love to visit in Greece. There are a thousand and one places Americans love to see in Athens, chief of which are tours around museums like the Acropolis Museum, historical sights like the Temple of Hephaestus, Parthenon, Acropolis of Athens, Mount Lycabettus, and the Beautiful flowers at National Gardens. Do not forget to taste the excellent delicacies offered in Athens.


Rhodes Island has something for everyone, from the rich and famous to backpackers and budget travelers. Like other parts of Greece, Rhodes is a perfect blend of history and modernism. It was built in the 14th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
While on the island, Americans and other tourists love to enjoy the hills and valleys distributed around the island, the Rhodes monument, the Grand Master Palace, the Castle Of The Old Town, and Rodini Park. On one end of the spectrum is the luxury and 5-star experience of the island. On the other end are the numerous swimming spots and nightlife Rhodes offers, giving Americans who visit Rhodes a range to choose from.


Unlike many other locations on this list, Meteora is on the mainland of Greece. It has spectacular sites; hence the reason Americans love to visit it so much. Situated in the heart of Northern Greece, stunning orthodox Churches are present here, adding to the beauty. There are monasteries in Meteora that have double status in the UNESCO rating. UNESCO has two world statuses for heritage; one is for nature and the other for art. These monasteries in Meteora are part of the few places to have both statuses.
Meteora has mountains with tips high in the sky; on these tips are monasteries of the Orthodox Churches. It is no shock as Meteora is a Greek word that means suspended in the air. The monasteries are about 1200 feet off the ground.
Americans love to visit the Great Meteoron Monastery, Roussanou Monastery, Holy Trinity Monastery, Theopetra Prehistoric Cave, Meteora Thrones, and Agios Stefanos, among other exciting sites. Meteora was built between the 14th and 16th centuries.


Delphi was known for its oracles in times past. People traveled from far and near to hear of the oracles of Delphi, including Kings and the High and mighty. The priestess of the Temple of Apollo and the oracle drew people from far and near to enquire about the god - Apollo.
On a visit to Delphi, Americans love to explore the remains of the Temple of Athena, the Ancient Theatre, and the remains of the Temple of Apollo, which date back to the 4th century B.C.


For an ideal happy getaway, Skyros is the place for you. Americans go there to enjoy the relatively untouched tradition of the locals. Coastline villages and sandy beaches make Skyros a delight to Americans visiting Greece. Skyros has not been a part of the highly visited areas in Greece; however, since a few Americans discovered the pleasure, it has to offer, it has been a go-to location for Americans in Greece.
The wild horses on the island are a delight to watch. In recent years, they have been reducing in number, and if nothing is done about it, it's only a short while before they are lost completely. In the meantime, Americans go there to enjoy the beauty of Greece without being choked by thousands of tourists like in other Greek Islands.


Olympia has cemented itself into the fabric of human history, being the cradle of the Olympic games. Olympia has historical monuments that UNESCO has accredited, some of which are the ancient Olympic stadium, the training ground for athletes, and the remains of temples and monuments from the Greek gods.
It is no surprise that Americans love to visit the valley of Olympia. The landscape in Olympia makes it a perfect site for Americans to explore the mountains. Hiking trails for mountain biking are also available for interested participants.


Americans are known to visit Skiathos for their beautiful beaches and groovy nightlife. The beaches in Skiathos have very clear waters and white sand at the shore. Every nature lover would love Skiathos. Although it has many visitors visiting its borders yearly, it still retains its beauty and balance in the ecosystem.
It has over 60 hiking trails and beaches running through the island. Americans love the food offered by the warm and inviting restaurants on the island. Eating, sipping wine, and watching the sunset is the favorite activity on the island.


Khalkidhiki is a peninsula in Northern Greece and has one of the most extended stretches of sandy beaches. Its golden sandy beaches and great food they have to offer bring Americans in their number to the island. Khalkidhiki is free of crowd tourists, and Americans love it for its peace, calm, and serenity. However, with word out, it is only a matter of time before the whole world sees it as their holiday destination. It is known as the secret Greece has kept from the world.


Knossos is famous for being a relic directly from the bronze age. This relic once contained the Minoan civilization, present in the region over 5000 years ago. These relics are the most preserved in Greece and serve as a glimpse of the past. It is one of the most visited areas in Greece. There is a hall of Kings where the history of the legend of Labyrinth is played out. Knossos is also known for fine pottery and mosaics. A visit to Greece is never complete without a visit to Knossos.


Mycenae is a frequently visited city in Greece with mythology and ancient landmarks all over the place. The town was established long before Greece. The walls in Mycenae were so high that the ancient Greeks ascribed their creation to the Cyclops. The ruins and remains found in Mycenae leave tourists amazed by the engineering advancement of ancient times.
History and culture bring Americans and other visitors from far and near Mycenae, and it does not disappoint. History and myth can almost not be separated from Mycenae, as the ruins give pointers to the mythical history of the area.
Of course, these are not the only places Americans love to visit in Greece; these are only a few of them. Other places include Chios - a small and underrated town with small medieval villages. Lesvos is also an example, being the third largest island in Greece. A trip to Greece without these locations is not complete to an American.
For Americans traveling to Greece, it is a straightforward process as no visa is required to visit the country provided you are a US citizen and you will be staying for 90 days or less. This is because the US is one of the visa-free countries for Europe, thereby allowing Americans to visit any Schengen country without having to obtain a visa. However, starting from the end of 2022, Americans would need to present their Europe visa waiver before they are allowed into any Schengen area.
Written by: Fikayomi Abisola
Abisola is an ETIAS Travel and Immigration writer with several years of writing experience in the industry. Abisola has a unique enthusiasm for travels, tours, and tourism and loves to educate travellers about the criteria involved in international travelling.

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