European Travel Requirements for British Citizens

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As the UK is no longer part of Europe or the Schengen Zone, anyone from the UK who wants to visit Europe from 2022 will require an ETIAS. The only exception will be dual citizen passport holders whose dual nationality is a country within the Schengen. You would just require the passport of the EU member country for entering and exiting Europe.
British citizens, British nationals living overseas and British overseas territories citizens will all require an ETIAS to visit the Schengen area. The situation for British citizens may change, depending on the arrangements that are made as a consequence of Brexit but as it stands, UK passport holders will require an ETIAS.
Therefore, British citizens booking holidays in Europe will need to apply for ETIAS from 2022, to visit places such as France, Italy and Spain, which are popular holiday destinations for people from Britain.
If British citizens need to travel to Europe for business purposes, they would require an ETIAS to enter the border from 2022, under the new requirements under the ETIAS system.
If the purposes of travel to Europe is for reasons other than tourism, business or transit, UK passport holders will need to find out the relevant requirements for their intended visit, which could require an application for a visa. Studying or working in Europe, for example, would now require a visa following Brexit law changes.
If a UK passport holder obtains a visa for a visit to the Schengen Zone, they would not require an ETIAS as well, the two are both separate types of travel authorization. To apply for a Schengen Visa, the UK passport holder would be required to attend an interview at the embassy to proceed with the visa application and would be required to present certain documents related to the purpose of their trip.

Do children with UK passports require an ETIAS?

Yes, people of all ages are required to have an ETIAS for travelling to Europe, even young infants. If you are travelling to Europe as a family, each member of your family will require their own ETIAS, which will be electronically linked to their individual passports. Parents and guardians are able to complete the ETIAS on behalf of children and providing the relevant details.
While adults must pay an ETIAS application fee when they submit their application, children under the age of 18 do not have to pay an ETIAS application fee.
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